Procedure for Submission

3.1 Essential Requirements
Every building work within the Municipal limits shall be designed by Registered Architect Building Designer/Supervisor.

3.2 Licencing of Architect, Building Designer and Supervisor, their Qualifications and Competency.

3.2.1 Licencing - a licence as an Architect/Building Designer/Supervisor shall be granted by the local authority to any person who in its opinion is qualified for the work.

3.2.2. Qualifications - The minimum qualification necessary for licenced Architect/Building Designer/Supervisor shall be as follows:

'A' Class - The minimum qualification for an 'A' class Architect/Building De- signer/Supervisor shall be the person holding requisite qualification and making them eligible to become: Associate/Fellow Member of the Indian Institute of Architects.ORAssociate/Fellow Member of the Institute of Town Planners (India) OR Associate/Fellow Member of the Institute of Engineers (India) Civil-Engineering

B- Class - Minimum qualification for a 'B' class Building Designer and Super- visor shall be as follows: Three years Diploma in Civil Engineering/Architecture from a recognised Institute making eligible for recruitment in the Punjab Engineering/Architecture Service Class-III and having 3 years minimum experience in Building Design/Supervision OR Qualification as a Draftsman/Surveyor from a recognised Polytechnic! ITI having 5- Years experience in building Design and Supervision.

C-Class - The C-class surveyors, where already registered under the existing Building Bye-Laws shall continue. However, there shall be no new registration under this category in future.

3.2.3 Competency of Class-A
The licensed Architect/Building Designer and Supervisor Shall be competent to carry out the work related to the building permit as given below and shall be entitled to submit: (a) All plans/information connected with building permit. (b) Design and preparation of building plans, structural details and calculations for all or any type of buildings. (c) Certificate of supervision and completion.

Competency of Class-B - (a) All plans/information connected with building permit upto three storey structure on plots upto 250 sq. yds. (b) Design and preparation of building plans, structural details and calculations for all or any type of building upto three storey structure on plots upto 250 sq. yds.
(c) Certificate of supervision and completion upto three storey structure on plots upto 250 sq. yds.

Competency of Class-C -
Competncy of already registered C-class surveyor shall be the same
as provided for the B-class.

3.3 Renewal of Registration - A Registration Certificate issued shall be renewable every year on the payment of such renewal fee as is determined by the Competent Authority from time to time.

3.4 Cancellation of Registration Certificate - A Registration Certificate granted or renewed shall liable to be can- celled by the competent authority if the holer thereof contravenes any of the provisions of the Act or the Rules or regulations made thereunder or any direction issued thereunder by the competent au- thority. Provided that before cancelling the registration certificate reasonable opportunity of being heard will be offered to the holder of Registration Certificate.

3.5 NOTICE OF BUILDING APPLICATION - Every person intending to erect or re-erect any building shall give notice of such intention in writing in Form' A' appended to these bye-laws along with ownership documents, four sets of Ferro Prints and two prints on tracing cloth/tracing film showing location plan, site plan and building plans to the Municipal Corporation and shall at the same time submit:
(a) a location plan and a site plan of the land on which it is intended to erect or re-erect the building.
(b) Plans of all the floors, elevations and typical cross- section of the building which he intends to erect or re-erect.
(c) Detail of specifications of the work to be executed in Form 'B' .appended to these bye-laws.
(d) Subject to the provision of bye-laws every person erecting or re- erecting a building shall appoint an Architect, a 'Registered Building Designer and Supervisor' for drawing up of plans and supervision of erection and re-erection of the building.
(e) The application, plans and specifications shall be signed by the applicant and the Licenced Architect/Building Designer and Supervisor

3.6 Tax on Building Application - Every person who makes an application give notice to the Commissioner for sanction of a building plan shall pay along with the application/notice tax at such rate as may from time to time be specified by the government.

3.7 Location Plan - A Location Plan of the applicant's site indicating exact distances .from the main approach road, prominent buildings/landmarks in the vicinity.

3.8 Site Plan - The site plan shall be on a scale of 1"-16' for exact identification and shall show: (a) The boundaries of the site and of any contiguous land belonging to the owner therof; (b) the position of the site in relation to neighbouring street; (c) the name of the street in which the building is proposed to be
any; (d) all existing buildings standing on,' over or under the site; (e) the portion of the building and of all other Buildings (If any) which the applicant intends to erect upon his contiguous land referred to in (a) in relation to: (i) the boundaries of the site and in case where the site has been
partitioned, the boundaries of the portion owned by the applicant and also of the portions owned by others;
(ii) All adjacent streets, buildings (with number of storeys and approximate height) and premises within a distance of 12 M of the site and of the contiguous land (if any) referred to in (a)
and (iii) if there is no street within a distance of 12 M of the site, the nearest existing street.
(t) the means of access from the street to the building and to all other buildings (if any); which the 'applicant intends to erect upon his contiguous land referred to in (a); (g) space to be left around the building to secure a free circulation of air, admission of light and access for scavenging purposes; (h) the width of the street (if any) in front and of the street (if any) at the side or rear of building. (i) the direction of north point relation to the plan of the buildings; G) any existing physical features, such as wells, drains, trees, etc.

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