Birth & Death

The births and deaths in the city are to be registered in the office of the Municipal Corporation within 21 days. For this purpose the form No. 2 and 4 are provided free of cost to the concerned. U/s 21 one certificate is to be given free of cost to the concerned. The requisite fee is to be deposited in the office of the Corporation for getting Birth or Death Certificate and for this purpose the applicant does not have to go to any bank. With fee an application has to be taken from the applicant and the certificate issued within 7 days. For this purpose, Health Department has deputed two Computers and one Superintendent in the office of the Corporation. Health Officer who works as Local Registrar is deputed by the Corporation. Till now only birth certificates are issued in computerized form. MCB is starting a new project of computerization of death certificates.

Birth and Death Certificate application form can be downloaded from this site free of cost.

Name of Officer (Sh.) Designation Mobile No. Remarks
Amardeep Singh Gill Secretary 98559-00080,
Local Registerar
Rahul Gautam Suprintendent (B & D) 94171-38909 Sub Local Registerar
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