Building Plans

Municipal Corporation sanctions the Building Plans submitted by the applicant as per Building Bye-Laws for the construction of their proposed building which is mandatory for them at the Single Window. If any person constructs any building without seeking prior sanction from the Corporation, the notice is being issued for the said unauthorised construction. After that the compoundable case are compounded and the remaining non-compoundable constructions are demolished as per law. The Building Branch keeps the check on all the constructions in the city. Building Branch also keeps watch on the implementation of the T.P. Schemes as per Sanction Plans by the Govt. Any citizen can contact the Building Branch for any query regarding Building Plans.

Municipal Corporation Bathinda has allotted various sites for advertisement in way of kiosks, unipoles, backlit unipoles, bus queue shelters, hoardings etc. to avoid defacement of city and to enhance revenue of Municipal Corporation Bathinda. Advertisement branch deals with advertisement tax. It is necessary that one should have to get permission from this section before putting up advertisement hoardings in the city.

Regarding Building Plans:


Municipal Corporation passes plans of every type of construction of house, shops etc. within the municipal limit as per building bylaws. It is necessary to pass the sketch plan from the Municipal Corporation before starting of the construction. For this purpose, the applicant can give his application by paying one rupee and can get A.B. Form. With this the following documents should be attached :



Two forms in which necessary information is to be provided relates to the building and changes in the old building.


Proof of land ownership as Copy of Registry etc.




Four Sketch plan of the building (Two on Tracing Cloth and Two Blue Print)


And other related documents (if any required at the time of submission of plan to be sanctioned)


After finalisation of the application the applicant can deposit the requisite fee in the office, whose detail is as under :


(1) Building Fee:


1. Residental :

Rs. 2.50 per sq. ft.

2. Commercial :

Rs. 5.00 per sq. ft.

3. Boundry Wall :

Rs. 2.50 per rft. (Residential)

Rs. 5.00 per rft. (Commercial)


(2) Malba Fee


1. Upto 500 sq. ft. :

Rs. 500/-

2. 500-1000 sq. ft. :

Rs. 1000/-

3. 1001-1500 sq. ft. :

Rs. 1500/-

4. 1501-2000 sq. ft. :

Rs. 2000/-

5. Above 2000 sq. ft. :

Rs. 2000/-(+)0.50 paise per sq. ft.


(3) Development Charges:


As per Punjab Govt. Notification CTP(LG)05/1430-44 of 2005


Plot Size


Above 250 sq. yards

Rs. 175 per sq. yard

125-250 sq. yards

Rs. 110 per sq. yard

50-125 sq. yards

Rs. 65 per sq. yard

Upto 50 sq. yards

No Charges

Notified Slum area

No Charges


Note: There is annual increase of 10% in above rates after year of notification i.e. 2005


(4) Water Charges


Rs 6 of per Rs 1000 estimated cost of construction.


Whom to Contact:

Name of Officer (Sh.) Designation Area/Zone No.1 Mobile No.
Davinder Singh Jaura Carportion Engineer (MTP) 6 & 7 97800-42166
Gurpreet Singh Carportion Engineer (MTP) 3 & 8 93169-00004
Naresh Kumar Muncipal Town Planner 1, 2, 4 & 5 98156-13853
Sandeep Saini Architect -- 96463-00176
Inderjeet Singh Asstt. Town Planner -- 62808-17688
Pardeep Singh Building Superintendent Overall Incharge 94630-22331
Dinesh Garg Draftsman 2, 3, 4 & 6 98152-56321
Avtar Singh Building Inspector(Draftsman) 1 & 7 97803-02293
Sukhmanpreet Kaur Building Inspector(Draftsman) 5 & 8 85590-00151
Avtar Singh Building Inspector 4 & 8 97803-02293
Jatinder Singh Building Inspector 1, 2 & 7 98149-42585
Priyanka Rani Building Inspector 3 & 5 88474-17055
Sohan Lal Building Inspector 6 99886-05039


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