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The first planned development to appear on the city map of Bathinda was Rajinder Ganj Mandi which was established in year 1885 then ruler of Patiala state. This old Mandi part of city is the main commercial centre presently known as Dhobi Bazar, Bank Bazar, Post office Bazar, Hospital Baz ar, Kikkar Bazar and Sadar Bazar etc. In the year of 1890 first railway line was laid connecting the city with Hissar which was followed by other railway lines connecting Ambala, Delhi, Bikaner, Firozpur, Ganga Nagar and Fazilka. Ultimately Bathinda railway junction became the largest junction of north India. As a result of better connectivity provided by the railways, the first industry named Bhupindera Floor Mill was established in the city in 1911. After this Bathinda did not show any sign of major development activity till the independence.

After independence Civil Station area comprising District courts, District Administrative Block etc. came into existence in 1953, thereafter in 1956, Police line, Central Jail, Rajindera Govt. College and Civil Hospital etc. were established which gave the shape to the town morphology. The foundation stone of Guru Nanak Thermal Plant at Bathinda was laid in 1969 which started production in 1974 and in the same year National Fertilizer Limited and Milk Plant came into existence followed by Bathinda Chemicals Ltd. and Vardhman Polytex Ltd. which came in 1978 and 1984 respectively.

During this period Industrial Estate Phase-I (1959), Industrial Estate Phase-II (1972) and Industrial Focal Point (1978) were established. The establishment of Military Station at Bathinda in the year 1973-74 was another development milestone for Bathinda city.

Sr. No. Year Events
1 1885 Rajinder Ganj  Mandi
2 1890 First meter gauge railway line to Hissar.
3 1911 First Industry-Bhupindera Floor Mill
4 1952 First road to Talwandi Sabo
5 1956 Civil Hospital and Central Jail
6 1959 First Industrial Estate
7 1972 Industrial Estate Phase-II
8 1973-74 Thermal Power Plant, (Commissioned), NFL and Milk Plant.
9 1973-74 Military Station Bathinda
10 1978 Industrial Focal Point
11 1978 Rose Garden
12 1998 Industrial Growth Centre

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