Institutional and Planning

With the advent of various development milestones in the city, the institutional sector also started concentrating and contributing towards the growth of the town. The establishment of Rajindera Govt. College in 1956 and St. Joseph’s Convent School in 1961 were the educational institutional which played a dominating role in the region. However, Govt. Polytechnic in 1985 and Giani Zai l Singh College of Engineering in 1989 started the era of technical education in the city followed by Medical College (Adesh Institution of Medical Science and Research) in 2003. The details of institutional and planning milestones are given in Table below

Sr. No. Year Events
1 1953 Civil Station area including Court Complex and D.C. office Complex
2 1956 Govt. Rajindera College
3 1973 First Town Planning Scheme,First Development Scheme ,First Urban Estate
4 1973-74 Thermal Colony and NFL colony.
5 1976 First time Master Plan prepared for Bathinda
6 1984 Regional Centre of Punjabi University Patiala
7 1989 G.Z.S. Engineering College
8 2003 Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (Medical College)

Keeping in view the rapid growth of Bathinda city and in order to check unplanned development, first Development Scheme under Punjab Town Improvement Act, 1922 was prepared by Improvement Trust, Bathinda known as Amrik Singh Road Development Scheme (Veer Colony) in 1973 and ultimately 12 Development Schemes were prepared comprising about 300 acres of land. Similarly first Town Planning Scheme under Punjab Municipal Act, 1911 was framed in 1973 followed by other 16 Town Planning Schemes, which covered an area of 1256 acres approximately. Simultaneously the Department of Housing & Urban Development notified first Urban Estate in 1973 and later on other Urban Estates were framed which cover an area of 720 acres. Besides this, the self contained townships developed by Guru Nanak Thermal Plant and NFL within their respective areas came into existence during this period.

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