Land Branch

The main task of the Land Branch is to remove the temporary encroachments from the road side, footpath etc. to check traffic hazards. Besides this, this branch also removes the illegal banners and posters. The branch also recovers the rent from the Khokhas and rehris. Superintendent is the incharge of this branch. While removing temporary encroachments the lifted material from the road sides are returned to the owners after charging the Composition Fee.

Municipal Property:
For the purpose of the revenue the Municipal Corporation has rented out 387 shops. The tenant has to deposit fixed rent on every month. If the tenant does not deposit the rent within time then 10% Surcharge has to be charged. 20% increase in the rent is being increased after every three years and fresh agreement is being executed with tenant for 3 years.

Whom to Contact:

Name of Officer (Sh.) Designation Area Phone No.
Kulwinder Singh Superintendent Overall Incharge 70091-21309

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